I have been in the practice of counseling adults and children since 1994.
With a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English
and Literature, I have a background which has taught me to give attention to the
stories that make up people's lives. You can use your personal stories or
experiences to define yourself in positive or negative ways. When you define
yourself negatively, it often results in emotional turmoil creating depression,
anxiety, problems with relationships, day to day life management or a lack of
direction and purpose.


In our work together you find the stories and experiences that are holding you back 
 in your life and work  to redefine the  meanings they have for you or about you. You will  discover new and adaptive information about yourself that changes those destructive or negative patterns.


To help you accomplish your goals we will

*Insure a safe and accepting environment for you to share
your stories.

*Assist you to design a plan which will guide you toward
your goal.

*Help you builid skills to discover and enhance your

Rose Justian, LMSW

14998 Cleveland St. Building K

Spring Lake, MI

(616) 422-2344